Elite’s Coding, Robotics and AI Competition

👈 The most prominent event of 2022.⌛ And for the first time at Palestine 🥰
👌 Elite’s Coding, Robotics and AI Competition 💪💪
👈 In partnership with many local, Arab and international institutions….
👈 600 students in the largest competitive educational technical festival that will be the harvest of many years of distinguished efforts towards innovation, Entrepreneurship and creativity…..
👉Cash prizes, Cups, Medals and valuable gifts 🎁🏆🥇🎖
👉Unique creative exhibitions
👉Inspirational competitive hackathon in unique fields
👉 TED Elite’s Club event
👉Activities, webinars and discussion sessions
👈 Local, Arab and international speakers
We lead the future Education .
#Creating_the_Elites #Creating_the_Innovators
#Innovators_making #distinguished_making

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